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Inspire young citizens to become thoughtful, critical and creative.

For the third edition of Digital Youth Month (DYM), Montreal Digital Spring is joining forces with partner organizations in this collective movement. 

To invite institutions, schools, organizations and enterprises to become collaborators and present activities and digital resources.









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& Benefits

  1. To present an activity that mobilizes the participation of youth and their environments;
  2. Bringing together a pan-Quebec community of practice in digital literacy;
  3. To promote inclusion, equality of opportunities and the development of digital and critical skills.


  1. Working, in particular, with a youth clientele under 35 years old;
  2. Representing an institution, an educational environment, an organization or a company established in Quebec;
  3. Offering an activity or a resource that allows the development of digital skills of young people (see some examples below);
  4. Subscribing to the values and issues of the Citizen’s Charter for the Digital Age, developed by Digital spring in collaboration with CNEST and Le Curieux.

Target &

  1. All young people under 35 years old who want to explore the possibilities of digital technology, develop their technical skills and knowledge;
  2. Youth targeted by age groups: Children (12 and under) Teens (13-17 years old) Young adults (18 and older);
  3. Girls;
  4. Indigenous youth;
  5. Young people in school environments (from elementary to higher education);
  6. Families and the general public.

Asked Questions

It is intended for all young people under the age of 35 who wish to explore the possibilities of digital technology and develop their technical skills and abilities, but the activities and resources presented may also be targeted for specific groups of young people : 

  • By age group;
    • Children (12 years old and under) ;
    • Teens (13-17 years old);
    • Young Adults (18-35 years old);
  • For girls, to engage their interest in the digital domains;
  • For First Nations communities ;
  • For young people in schools (from elementary to higher education);
  • For families and the general public.

Any person who: 

  • represents, for instance, an institution, a school, an organization or an organization established in Quebec and works with a youth clientele 
  • wishes to or has already planned to offer an activity (during the month of February and/or March break) that will help develop the digital skills of young people.

Yes, you can fill out a single form for each proposed activity or resource.

Presenting a digital resource allows you to showcase your organization while offering youth, youth workers and teachers the opportunity to learn and develop their digital skills: 

  • Informative documentary series, podcasts, and videos;
  • Immersive worlds and applications ;
  • Platforms and websites on the fields of study and future careers;
  • Resources to develop creativity and/or technical skills;
  • Resources for teachers and/or youth workers.

They can be either free or chargeable. If there is a fee for the activity, it must be mentioned in the participation form, along with the exact amount.

The majority of the activities are online, but various in-person activities will also be presented on the platform. For on-site activities, it will be important to take into account the sanitary measures in force.

There is no financial support offered for the deployment of activities. The purpose of the call for participation is to register activities that will be highlighted during the Digital Youth Month in the programming platform. The platform is meant to raise awareness of digital issues among young people and to provide a window for our collaborators to present their resources and activities that will take place from February 1 to March 6, 2022.

For all other questions, contact Leticia Lacroix, Digital Literacy Project Coordinator at Printemps Numérique : [email protected]

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