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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Youth Month (DYM) is an annual event for people under 35 who want to explore the possibilities of digital technology and develop their technical skills and knowledge! It is an opportunity to discover current Quebec initiatives in digital literacy and to learn about the fields of the future. 

It is an initiative from Montreal Digital Spring as part of the Jeunesse QC 2030 project supported by the Secrétariat à la Jeunesse du Québec and presented by Hydro Québec.

The fifth edition of DYM (2024) takes place from February 1 to March 8, 2024 (throughout February and spring break).

All the activities presented on the DYM platform can be found in the Calendar tab of the MNJ.QUEBEC/EN website.

Most of the activities presented are offered for free. However, fees may apply for some events. It is possible to see the exact amount of the activity by selecting the activity in the “Calendar” section.

The activities presented on the MNJ.QUEBEC/EN platform can be offered both in person and virtually. 

To register for an activity, simply select the activity of your choice in the “Calendar” and go to the link redirecting either to the organization presenting the activity or the ticket office link, for example. Once redirected, you will be able to reserve your place for the activity.

Below are the types of digital resources you can find on the Digital Youth Month platform: 

  • Informative documentary series, podcasts, and videos;
  • Immersive worlds and applications;
  • Platforms and websites on the fields of study and future careers;
  • Resources to develop creativity and/or technical skills;
  • Resources for teachers and/or youth workers.

For all other questions, contact Leticia Lacroix, Digital Literacy Project Director at Montreal Digital Spring (PN): [email protected]

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