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Balado Empreinte Numérique 

Because we all have a right to our privacy, even online, the animators Douaa and Tom-Eliot are conversing with teenagers from high school and with social media cybersecurity experts in order to inform us.  A three episodes podcast series with a sense of humor, discovery and critical mind, featuring:

  • Nellie Brière (digital communication and social media specialist
  • Simon Du Perron (cybersecurity lawyer for cabinet BLG)
  • Geneviève Lajeunesse (Representative of Lab 2038 collective, whose mission is to defend and promote social justice in the digital sphere)
  • Jean-Philippe Décarie-Mathieu (director of cybersecurity at Commissionaires du Québec and co-founder of Crypto.Québec)Empl

Produced by

Une production

Collaboration with

Thank you to the participants : Billy Legros, Charles Lacroix-Lacoste, Mathias Bernier, Silas Brendon Kalyme, Samia Mageau, Béatrice Guinard, Lina Jnaini et Maria Buzoianu.

A podcast

We are all leaving some marks online and this builds our identity. The communication specialist Nellie Brière invites us to take care of our and others’ public life in a conscious manner.

Our internet data (ex. age and localisation) can allow us to personalize our experience, but also to become targeted with advertising. Simon Du Perron, cybersecurity lawyer, and Geneviève Lajeunesse frome Lab2038 inform us about our rights.

Whether we are a teenager or a famous person, our simple online activity can make us become a target for hacking, fraud of identity theft. Jean-Philippe Décarie-Mathieu, cybersecurity expert, teaches us more about the risks and o-how to protect ourselves.

Online :

  • Would you consider yourself having more of a public or a private life?
  • Do you think Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok are reading your messages and listening to  you?
  • Have you ever shared your passwords with someone else?


01 - My life online: private or public?


  • When I publicly post something, am I wondering why I am doing thai and for who? 
  • Would I be comfortable with it being shared on TV?

Tips and tricks

  • Give yourself the right to change your mind and clean up your feed from time to time
  • Use the privacy settings to restrict the access on some of your posts and information
  • Make sure others consent in having their photos posted 
  • Develop your sense of empathy online, even with people  you don’t know!


02 - If it’s free, it means I’m the product!


  • What is a cookie?
  • If I accept all users’ conditions without reading them and my data helps businesses make more money, would I be fine with it or not?

Tips and tricks

  • If we believe our rights are not being respected, we can take action and talk about it with a trusted person..
  • If we are not using an app anymore, we can delete it. We can also become more aware of the possibility of getting our data erased.We can call organizations that can inform us about our rights: 
03 - Cybersecurity 101


  • Should I share my passwords with my parents and friends?
  • Do I tend to reuse the same passwords?

Tips and tricks

  • Use a password manager to increase our security and make our life easier!
  • Use a second authentication factor like the text password. 
  • The people most likely to hack us can be part of our surroundings. So our password really should remain private!
  • Avoid connecting to Wi-fi in public areas. We can also install a VPN software in order to protect our online confidentiality.

A Montreal Digital pring (Printemps numérique) production

Animation : Douaa Kachache and Tom-Eliot Girard
Production and research: Fadwa Lapierre
Sound and video montage: Larry Dufresne
Production: Leticia Lacroix and Louise Gagné

In collaboration with Télé-Québec en classe

Head of department: Cynthia Racine
Head of contents: Sophie Poisson-Bispo
Head of educational intervention: Julie Provencher
Consultant in contract management and production:  Sophie Bellerose

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